The Rheological Characterization of Concentrated Solutions and Gels of Water-Soluble Polymers

  • B. Warburton


Rheology is the science of deformation and flow of matter under stress. Traditionally, the subject has been of interest in two different ways1. Physicists and mathematicians have been interested in the subject mainly from a behavioural point of view. If a rheological equation of state for the system of interest can be formulated which can reconstruct the rheological behaviour of that system under any deformation or flow regime in any apparatus, the goal is deemed to have been achieved. Since the behaviour in this sense need not be related to any particulate or molecular structure, it has been convenient for these rheologists to use continuum mechanics models for their analyses. However, another group of rheologists, e.g. chemists, physical biochemists, pharmacists, and food and paint technologists has sought to relate rheological behaviour to the physical chemistry of the system of interest. It is now widely considered that these two approaches can be reconciled and this will be discussed.


Ionic Strength Shear Rate Shear Modulus Rheological Behaviour Apparent Viscosity 
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