Synaptic Organization of the Barrel Cortex

  • Asaf Keller
Part of the Cerebral Cortex book series (CECO, volume 11)


The inception of the burgeoning field of barrel cortex neurobiology can be traced to the influential publication by Woolsey and Van der Loos (1970). Although barrel-like structures were previously described in the somatosensory cortices of rodents (e.g., Droogleever Fortuyn, 1914; Lorente de Nó, 1938; Woolsey, 1967), Woolsey and Van der Loos were the first to present a detailed description of these structures, and to offer a comprehensive theory for their role in processing somatosensory inputs from the mystacial vibrissae, or whiskers. Furthermore, they predicted that this cortical area would become a particularly suitable model for various neurobiological studies, such as information processing in the cerebral cortex, development of cortical circuitry, and plasticity in cortical function. The works in this volume, synthesizing data collected in numerous laboratories in the past quarter of a century, attest to the perspicacity of these predictions.


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