Organization and Development of the Forepaw Representation in Forepaw Barrel Subfield in Somatosensory Cortex of Rat

  • Robert S. Waters
  • Carl A. McCandlish
  • Cheng X. Li
Part of the Cerebral Cortex book series (CECO, volume 11)


Woolsey and Van der Loos (1970) rekindled the interest in the glomerular structures described by Lorente de Nó (1922, 1938) in layer IV of mouse somatosensory cortex. The subsequent 20 years of work on those structures by these investigators, their colleagues and students, and others has enhanced our understanding of the organization and development of the rodent primary somatosensory cortex (SI). These glomeruluslike structures, renamed barrels by Woolsey and Van der Loos (1970) because they resemble whiskey barrels, have been an important model system for studying the relationship between cortical structure and function in both the developing and the adult nervous systems.


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