Interaction of Intermediate Filaments with the Cell Surface

  • Kathleen J. Green
  • Jonathan C. R. Jones


The molecular architecture of the cytoskeleton-cell membrane complex has been a subject of intense investigation for more than a decade (for reviews see Weatherbee, 1981; Geiger, 1983; Jacobson, 1983; Bennett et. al., 1986). In general, the ultimate goal of these studies has been to understand how cytoskeletal proteins and membrane constituents act together in the formation and maintenance of cell shape, in directed cell movement, and in the transduction of signals across the plasma membrane. Although we are far from understanding these basic cellular functions, we have made some progress in identifying molecules that comprise the cytoskeleton-cell membrane complex. This is particularly so with respect to the actin-containing cytoskeleton, where several systems [the red blood cell (e.g., Bennett, 1985; Marchesi, 1985; Beaven et. al., 1985; Byers and Branton, 1985; Shen et. al., 1986), intestinal microvillus (e.g., Matsudaira and Burgess, 1979; Glenney et. al., 1982; Mooseker et. al., 1984), and focal contacts/adherens junctions (e.g., Burridge et. al., 1987; Geiger et. al., 1987)] have provided information regarding molecules involved in linking actin and actin-containing microfilaments (MF) with the cell membrane. Microtubule (MT)-membrane interactions have also been studied, although not as extensively as the MF system (see Dentier, 1981; Murray, 1984; Horst et. al., 1987). Until recently, less has been reported regarding interactions between intermediate filaments (IF) and the cell surface; with the exception of IF-desmosome interactions, this topic is often omitted in cytoskeleton-cell surface reviews. However, within the last several years a growing body of literature addressing an IF-cell surface association has developed.


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