Quality of Life at the End Stages of Life

  • Mohammed Bedjaoui


Quality of life is above all a subjective concept and thus variable according to the individual, but at the same time sensitive to the environment in which we live. Quality of life is, in the first place, like the proverbial Spanish inn, where the visitor only finds what he has brought along himself. It is a manner of being, a manner of feeling, a way of appreciating life (in the etymological sense of the verb, i.e., ascribing its true value to life, whether high or — on the contrary — insignificant, according to one’s current state of mind). That appreciation is particularly subjective. It is the private domain of each individual. That quality of life is also the art of being able to create all the conditions needed to make a success of one’s own life or, more precisely, what one sees oneself as constituting success.


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