Design Study on Triangular-Hexagonal Triga Core for Epithermal Neutron Irradiation

  • Otohiko Aizawa


We propose here a new-style core called “butterfly core”, which consists of a cylindrical aluminum reflector with many water-channels and a triangular-hexagonal TRIGA core in the center. The characteristics of this new core has been analyzed by using the Monte Carlo program, keno-V. The neutron energy spectrum calculated in the aluminum reflector has been used as a neutron source spectrum for the successive calculation by the use of the 2-dimensional transport code, DOT3.5. Fine adjustments of the triangular-hexagonal TRIGA core made it possible to design the epithermal irradiation field at the Musashi reactor.


Source Spectrum Monte Carlo Program Neutron Energy Spectrum Epithermal Flux Hydrogen Moderator 
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  • Otohiko Aizawa
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  1. 1.Atomic Energy Research LaboratoryMusashi Institute of TechnologyKawasaki, 215Japan

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