Dedication to the Memory of Professor Hiroshi Hatanaka

  • Yutaka Mishima


Professor Hatanaka devoted over 4 years to investigative work in the research laboratories of the Neurosurgical Service at the Massachusetts General Hospital including several neutron radiation animal experiments at the nuclear reactor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The most encouraging of these involved B12H11 SH then recently synthesized by Dr. Albert Soloway in our neurosurgical laboratories. In these Hiroshi labored morning, afternoon, evening and night for the 4 years 7/1/64 to 6/30/67 and 7/1/70 tí16/30/71. He was also a visiting fellow with us for 6 weeks in the summer of 1972 and another month in January of 1973. In all of these periods he directed the work of others in addition to his own continuous efforts.


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