Interrelationships of Alcohol and Cancer

  • Adrianne E. Rogers
  • Michael W. Conner
Part of the Human Nutrition book series (HUNU, volume 7)


Cancers at several sites are associated with ingestion of alcohol. Head and neck cancers (of the mouth, pharynx, esophagus, and larynx) are strongly associated with use of both alcohol and tobacco; other tobacco-related cancers, of the lung and perhaps pancreas, have been found to be associated with alcohol consumption in some studies. Liver cancer is related to alcohol consumption; epidemiologic studies have reported additive or synergistic interactions between alcohol, HBV and AFB1 in the etiology of liver cancer. Risk for head and neck and liver cancers, all of which occur in much higher incidence in men than in women in the United States, is significantly increased at high alcohol intake (>80g/day) and may show a dose response to lower alcohol intakes. Epidemiologic and experimental data suggest that malnutrition in alcoholic patients contributes to their increased cancer risk. Influences of alcohol consumption on nutritional status have been known and studied for many years. Understanding of nutritional influences on cancer induction and development is increasing and may contribute to clarification of relationships between alcohol intake and cancer risk.


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