Diversity in in Vitro Adherence of C. Jejuni

  • Pinaki Panigrahi
  • Penelope Bamford


Campylobacter jejuni is one of the most commonly isolated organisms in diarrhoeal diseases throughout the world. Natural C. jejuni infection in humans and experimental animal infection results in colitis, giving rise to the diarrhoeal symptoms including bloody stool and mucous in some cases2,5. Although adherence, invasion, and a role of toxins have been proposed as virulence factors7,16,17,19–21,27–29 precise mechanisms in the pathogenesis of C. jejuni disease are not well understood. Similarly, immunity against C. jejuni infection has been observed in natural and experimental infections without elucidation of the underlying mechanisms3,29,31,33. Flagellin and several other C. jejuni proteins have been shown to be involved in the in vitro adherence to cultured cells and in in vivo colonization22. Invasion and transcytosis have been documented with multiple C. jejuni strains including strain 81–176 isolated from a milk-borne diarrhoeal patient17,28. We have described the expression of several novel proteins by C. jejuni strain 81–176 during in vivo growth in rabbit ileal loops24. Using human volunteer sera we also demonstrated that two of the in vivo-expressed proteins may be involved in providing protection against diarrhoea caused by the homologous strain24. In this study, we examined the adherence pattern of media grown and in vivo modified C. jejuni to cultured Caco-2 cells.


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