Summary of Workshop

Culture and Detection
  • A. Lastovica
  • J. Frost


The data presented and the ensuing discussion indicated that the use of a wide range of selective media together with variations in incubation temperature resulted in significant diversity in both the range and the proportions of Campylobacter, Helicobacter and Arcobacter spp. recovered from clinical and environmental specimens in different laboratories. This may account for some of the apparent geographical variations in the incidence of many campylobacter-like organisms. In contrast, the use of filtration on non-selective agar and incubation in a hydrogen enhanced microaerophilic atmosphere resulted in increased isolation rates, and in the isolation of a much broader range of organisms.


Pylorus Infection Selective Medium Urea Breath Test Gastric Parietal Cell Phage Amplification 
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  2. 2.Central Public Health LaboratoryLondonUK

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