General Methods

  • Robert Thompson
  • Francis M. Crinella
  • Jen Yu
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Weanling (21- to 25-day-old) male Sprague—Dawley albino rats, 50–65 g, underwent surgery under deep chloral hydrate anesthesia (400 mg/kg). Cortical lesions were accomplished by aspiration, while all subcortical lesions were made stereotaxically by passing a constant anodal current of 1.0–2.5 mA for a duration of 5–10 sec through an implanted stainless steel electrode (0.5 mm in diameter) with 0.5–1.0 mm of the tip exposed. Sham-operated control animals underwent the same surgical procedure as the experimental animals, except for the drilling of the skull and the insertion of the suction tip or lesion electrode into the brain.


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