Biosynthesis and Processing of Platelet Glycoproteins in Megakaryocytes

  • Alain Duperray
  • Rolande Berthier
  • Gérard Marguerie
Part of the Blood Cell Biochemistry book series (BLBI, volume 2)


Megakaryocytopoiesis is a differentiation process that may be defined as the sequential or coordinate expression of platelet proteins from a committed hemopoietic progenitor to platelets. The synthesis of these different proteins leads to the acquisition of functional properties related to platelet physiology. Some platelet glycoproteins function as membrane receptors; others are packaged in the platelet α-granules and are surface exposed or released after platelet activation. Since the platelet has a weak biosynthetic capacity (Kieffer et al., 1987), platelet glycoproteins originate from plasma or are synthesized by the platelet precursor, the megakaryocyte (MK). Thus, to understand the biochemistry of the platelet and the processes of MK maturation leading to platelet production, it is important to study the biosynthesis of platelet proteins in the MK. Only partial information is available on the synthesis of these glycoproteins, and little is known about how they are packaged into subcellular fractions.


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