The Release of 5-Fluorouracil from Dextran and Xylan Systems

  • Charles G. Gebelein
  • Darrell Williams
  • Kathy Marshall
  • Terri Slaven


As part of a continuing study on the controlled release of anticancer agents, 5-fluorouracil:poly(saccharide) adducts were synthesized and their release profiles were determined. The poly(saccharides) studied included dextran (15,000 and 60,000 molecular weight), xylan and chitosan. The 5-FU was attached to the poly(saccharides) using 1,6-diisocyanatohexane as the coupling agent. In all cases, the release of the 5-FU was rapid and was essentially complete within a few days, when the adducts were prepared using a triethylamine catalyst system. The kinetic patterns were neither true Higuchi style plots, which are typical of monolithic systems, nor were they zero-order profiles like previously described methacrylate-type copolymers. When a tin catalyst was used, however, the 5-FU was released over a much longer time period, and the release profile was linear when plotted against the square root of time. Only these tin catalyzed adducts are potentially useful in controlled release of 5-FU.


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