Sleep Disorders in Depressive Disorders

  • Daniel J. Buysse
  • David J. Kupfer
Part of the The Depressive Illness Series book series (DISS, volume 3)


The relationship between sleep and mood holds considerable promise for understanding the neurobiology of depressive disorders. It is axiomatic that depression—whether situational, endogenous, unipolar, neurotic, or melancholic—is accompanied by sleep disturbance. However, the mood-sleep relationship is not a simple bidirectional one. For instance, most healthy subjects report little change in mood (or mild dysphoria) as a consequence of partial or total sleep deprivation, but approximately 60% of depressed patients note transient antidepressant effects after sleep deprivation. These basic observations suggest not only that mood and sleep interact with each other, but that they interact differently in depressed and nondepressed individuals.


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