Alcoholism and Mortality

  • Jan de Lint
  • Wolfgang Schmidt


Numerous epidemiological investigations have demonstrated quite convincingly that man’s life-style in all its many facets has a profound effect on his mode of dying (Sigerist, 1943; Rubin, 1960; Polgar, 1962; Paul, 1963; Scotch, 1963). Within this context the role of alcoholism in mortality has been amply explored. However, research on this question has been somewhat uneven in character. For example, French epidemiologists have traditionally focused on the effects of chronic excessive alcohol use on mortality, whereas in North American and Scandinavian countries the literature on the sequelae of acute intoxication is extensive. Similarly, the association between alcoholism and such causes of death as suicide and cirrhosis of the liver has received far more attention than the contribution of alcoholism to death from arteriosclerotic heart disease.


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