Neurotrophic Factors Produced by Astrocytes involved in the Regulation of Cholinergic Neurons in the Central Nervous System

  • Ambrish J. Patel
  • Carol W. Gray
Part of the Altschul Symposia Series book series (ALSS, volume 2)


The importance of the interaction between astrocytes and neurons, mediated by functionally active cellular constituents, is well documented for the normal development of the brain (Sensenbrenner and Mandel, 1974; Varon and Somjen, 1979; Banker, 1980; Silver and Ogawa, 1983; Denis-Donini et al., 1984; Rakic, 1985; Rudge et al., 1985; Hatten et al., 1988; Hayashi et al., 1988; Patel and Hunt, 1989). These earlier studies have shown that diffusible and/or membrane bound factors produced by astrocytes affect the survival, migration, axonal growth and specific morphological patterns of neurons. However, in the majority of these studies, the trophic effect of astrocytes has been examined on uncharacterized neurons, rather than on a defined population of nerve cells. Since our initial observations showing the production by astrocytes of a trophic factor important in the maintenance of metabolic status and physiological functions of cholinergic neurons (Patel et al., 1988b; Patel and Hunt, 1989), several astrocytic trophic molecules have been characterized as influencing various neuronal populations.


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