Perineuronal Glial Reactions in Regeneration of Motoneurons

  • Georg W. Kreutzberg
Part of the Altschul Symposia Series book series (ALSS, volume 2)


The response of nerve cells to axonal lesion, which is referred to as axonal or retrograde reaction or chromatolysis, is essentially a selective hypertrophy. Synthesis of specific proteins, peptides, enzymes, etc. have been described as well as an increase in the size of the cell body, the metabolism and the perineuronal glia. Glial cells also participate in the axonal reaction, and in quite a complex way (Barron et al., 1971; Lieberman, 1971; Graeber and Kreutzberg, 1990; Tetzlaff et al., 1988a; Kreutzberg et al., 1988).


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