Biological Control of Root Rot Diseases of Peas

  • J. C. Tu
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There are more than 20 different fungi that can cause pea root rot (Anonymous, 1960). Root rot disease of peas in different regions of the world may be caused by different fungi because of geographical and environmental differences. In Canada, the most frequently isolated root rot fungi of peas have been Fusarium solani (Mart., Appel & Wr.) f. sp. pisi (F. R. Jones, Snyd, & Hans.), F. oxysporum (Schlect.) f. sp. pisi (Snyd. & Hans.) and Pythium spp., with Ascochyta pinodella L. K. Jones and Rhizoctonia solani Kuhn isolated occasionally (Basu et al., 1973; Reyes, 1980). F. solani has been reported to be the predominant root rot fungus in southern Ontario (Basu et al.,1973), but unfortunately, these reports have been based upon limited surveys.


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