Inherited Disorders of Sulfur Metabolism

  • Ryan J. Huxtable
Part of the Biochemistry of the Elements book series (BOTE, volume 6)


Some disorders of sulfur metabolism affect thousands of people. Many, however, are rare. Interest in these conditions reaches beyond their clinical significance because genetically determined metabolic alterations, defects and deficiencies are biochemical windows giving insight into mechanisms that is normally denied the investigator. Apropos of steroid sulfate sulfatase deficiency, Shapiro (1985) has elegantly written that, “it is considered axiomatic in human genetics that the study of relatively rare disorders may yield far more in dividends than might be anticipated based on the incidence of the condition in question”. To understand the normal, one must study the abnormal. Study of the disorders discussed in this chapter have permitted the testing and refining of our concepts of sulfur metabolism, its quantitation and regulation. Thus, much of our understanding of Met biochemistry has been triumphantly borne out by the study of the inherited defects discussed in Section 8.2.


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