Lipoxygenase-Catalysed Oxidation of Linoleic Acid

  • Johannes F. G. Vliegenthart
  • Gerrit A. Veldink


Lipoxygenase (linoleate:oxygen oxidoreductase, EC is a dioxygenase containing non-heme iron. It catalyzes the conversion of poly-unsaturated fatty acids having a 1,4-pentadiene system into conjugated hydroperoxy fatty acids (Scheme 1) The formation of the hydroperoxides occurs stereospecifically provided the reaction conditions (pH, temperature, fatty acid and oxygen concentrations) are properly chosen. The enzyme has been found in a great number of plant species (1–3) while its presence has only recently been established in some animal tissues (4–9). The richest sources of lipoxygenase are the seeds of Leguminosae e.g. soybeans and peas. Plant lipoxygenases may differ in substrate and product specificities, pH dependence, sensitiveness to inhibitors, stability, amino acid composition and molecular weight. For comprehensive reviews see refs. 3, 10–16.


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    • 1
  • Gerrit A. Veldink
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