Present Status and Future View of Rotary Engines

  • Akihito Nagao
  • Hiroshi Ohzeki
  • Yoshinori Niura


The fundamental mechanism of the rotary engine (RE) was invented by Dr. Felix Wankel who had carried out thorough investigations into the smoothness of centroid motions of moving parts. The RE has no reciprocating piston and valvetrain which are the sources of vibration and the obstructions to increased engine speed. The RE aspirates a larger amount of air per unit volume of engine package than the reciprocating piston engine does, because the charge flows continuously from an intake stroke chamber through an exhaust stroke chamber. Hence, the inherent features of RE are less vibration, compactness, light weight and high performance.


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  • Hiroshi Ohzeki
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  • Yoshinori Niura
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