Growing Out of Autism

  • Clara Claiborne Park
Part of the Current Issues in Autism book series (CIAM)


This chapter is about one autistic child, as she was and as she is today. It cannot be a case study-there is no room for that. It took nearly 300 pages to describe her first 8 years (C. C. Park, 1967). But because her earlier development has been described in more published detail than, I believe, that of any other autistic child (see also C. C. Park, 1977, 1978, 1982; D. Park, 1974; D. Park & Youderian, 1974), it should be of use at least to sketch her continuing progress as she has grown, not to young womanhood in any complete sense but into a person able to enjoy her life and to make a real contribution to her family and to society.


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