Diagnostic Thoracoscopy

  • Scott H. Johnson
  • James M. Douglas


Thoracoscopy, like laparoscopy, was first reported in 1910 by Hans Christian Jacobaeus who used a cystoscope to evaluate the pleural cavity [1]. Jacobaeus used thoracoscopy to divide pleural adhesions in order to complete induced pneumothorax in the treatment of tuberculosis. This technique was adopted with enthusiasm in the United States and Europe. Day and coworkers [2] in 1948 reported 1000 consecutive cases with low operative mortality. The development of effective chemotherapy for tuberculosis ended the widespread use of this technique and by 1980 only a few centers performed thoracoscopy regularly. The recent development of video-assisted endosurgical equipment has increased interest in thoracoscopy as a minimally invasive technique to evaluate intrathoracic pathology.


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