Laparoscopic-assisted Vaginal Hysterectomy With or Without Removal of the Adnexae

  • John T. Soper


Although vaginal hysterectomies were described before the 18th century, it was not until the middle 19th century that the first successful abdominal hysterectomy was reported with survival of the patient [1]. Until the late 19th century, abdominal hysterectomy was rarely performed and remained an extremely morbid procedure until the principles of sterile technique, ligature of vascular pedicles for hemostasis, and basic anesthesia were widely applied in the 1890s and early 20th century. Initially, vaginal hysterectomy was more frequently performed than abdominal hysterectomy, but improvements in anesthetic techniques, antibiotics, and blood transfusion services in the mid-20th century along with changing indications for hysterectomy have resulted in a relative increase in the number of abdominal hysterectomies compared with vaginal hysterectomies. Thompson [1] has compiled an excellent review of the historical aspect of these procedures.


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