Pediatric Endosurgery

  • Andrew M. Davidoff
  • Keith T. Oldham
  • Samuel M. Mahaffey


Minimally invasive surgical procedures have been enthusiastically received in adult patients. This enthusiasm has been driven by the appeal of shortened hospitalization, decreased perioperative pain, a more rapid convalescence, and an earlier return to work for the patients. Many of the same considerations make minimally invasive techniques appealing in pediatric patients (Table 21–1), especially the potential to decrease perioperative apprehension, discomfort, and respiratory complications, particularly in infants and children who have underlying respiratory conditions. Although pediatric peritoneoscopy and thoracoscopy were advocated in the 1970s [1–3], recent technical advances in imaging and downsizing of instrumentation in the past 5 years have made widespread use of these procedures feasible even in small patients. As a result, the use of these techniques has expanded dramatically, and imaginative new approaches to clinical problems are developing at a rapid pace (Table 21–2).


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