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Sulfur and Nitrogen Molecular Structures in Asphaltenes and Related Materials Quantified by XANES Spectroscopy

  • Oliver C. Mullins


Asphaltenes are an important class of natural materials with many distinctive properties.1–4 Asphaltenes strongly affect the chemical and physical properties of petroleum, and, as such, have a significant impact on the production, transportation and refining of petroleum. The viscosity and adhesion of petroleum markedly increase with greater asphaltene content, causing significant difficulties in the processing of petroleum. The asphaltene fraction is the least valuable component of crude oil, and its relatively high resistance to cracking further decreases the yield of valuable distillate fractions such as gasoline. The degradation of catalysts is accelerated by the presence of asphaltenes due to both their heavy metal content and their tarry nature when combined with resins. Also, asphalts represent a hazard when released (unintentionally) into the environment due to their resistance to biodegradation and their tenacious adhesive powers.


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