p-adic Etale Cohomology

  • S. Bloch
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What follows is a report on joint work with O. Gabber and K. Kato.* A manuscript with complete proofs exists and is currently being revised. For compelling physical reasons (viz. time, space, and distance) however, I will give here only statements of results; and my coauthors have not had the opportunity to correct any stupidities which may have slipped in. The conjectures in §3 are my own. I like to think that this research has been strongly influenced by the work of Shafarevich, both by his work on algebraic geometry in characteristic p and by his work on arithmetical algebraic geometry. In fact, recently Ogus has used these results to apply the basic Rudakov-Shafarevich result on existence and smoothness of moduli for K3 surfaces in characteristic p to the study of the moduli space when p = 2.


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