Special Automorphic Forms on PGSp4

  • I. I. Piatetski-Shapiro
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In a classical situation special automorphic forms were studied by Maass. Let us recall their definition. Denote by H the Siegel half plane of genus 2. Consider Siegel’s modular forms of a given weight with respect to the Siegel full modular group. It is known that they have the following Fourier decomposition:
$$f(Z)\, = \,\sum {{a_T}} \,\exp \,2\pi itr(TZ),$$
where T runs over the matrices of the form \((\begin{array}{*{20}{c}} n \\ {r/2} \end{array}\,\begin{array}{*{20}{c}}{r/2} \\ m \end{array})\) ; n, r, mZ. Put d T = 4nmr 2, e T = (n,r, m). The Maass space (following Zagier) is the space of those f (Z)such that the coefficients a T depend only on d T and e T . The forms which lie in the Maass space do not satisfy the Ramanujan conjecture. That was one of the reasons why Maass studied these forms.


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