The Action of an Automorphism of C On a Shimura Variety and its Special Points

  • J. S. Milne
Part of the Progress in Mathematics book series (PM, volume 35)


In [8, pp. 222–223] Langlands made a very precise conjecture describing how an automorphism of C acts on a Shirnura variety and its special points. The results of Milne-Shin [15], when combined with the result of Deligne [5], give a proof of the conjecture (including its supplement) for all Shirnura varieties of abelian type (this class excludes only those varieties associated with groups having factors of exceptional type and most types D). here the proof is extended to cover all Shimura varieties. As a consequence, one obtains a complete proof of Shimura’s conjecture on the existence of canonical models. The main new ingredients in the proof are the results of Kazhdan [7] and the methods of Borovoi [2].


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