Visna Virus Genome

Variability and Relationship to Other Lentiviruses
  • Matthew A. Gonda
Part of the Applied Virology Research book series (AVIR, volume 2)


Visna virus was originally recognized in the 1930s as the etiologic agent of an unusual and sporadic outbreak of a transmissible neurologic disease that simultaneously appeared with several chronic pneumonic diseases affecting sheep in Iceland (Sigurdsson, 1954, 1957; Sigurdsson and Palsson, 1958). Visna means “wasting” in Icelandic and became the name of the disease because of the progressive emaciation that accompanied the neural pathology and paralytic consequences of virus infection in sheep. Visna virus belongs to a broader group of genetically related sheep and goat viruses with variable neurologic and pneumonic disease potential; this group of viruses includes maedi (Icelandic for “shortness of breath”) virus, ovine progressive pneumonia virus (OPPV), and caprine arthritis encephalitis virus (CAEV) (Thormar and Palsson, 1967; Kennedy et al., 1968; Cutlip and Laird, 1976; Crawford et al., 1980; Haase, 1975, 1986; Gonda, 1988; Gonda et al., 1989).


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