Molecular Epidemiology of Wild Poliovirus Transmission

  • Olen M. Kew
  • Baldev K. Nottay
  • Rebeca Rico-Hesse
  • Mark A. Pallansch
Part of the Applied Virology Research book series (AVIR, volume 2)


Paralytic poliomyelitis is a serious and highly visible public health problem in most developing countries, where up to 400,000 children are stricken each year (Assaad and Ljungars-Esteves, 1984; Sabin, 1985). Large areas of Asia, Africa, North America, and South America are currently endemic for this disease. In many urban centers of the developing world, attack rates are particularly high. The epidemiologic situation in Bombay, where the annual incidence of poliomyelitis cases in that one city alone is over 100-fold higher than in the United States and Canada combined (Enterovirus Research Centre, Bombay, 1987; Pan American Health Organization, 1987; World Health Organization, 1988), underscores the magnitude of the problem that still awaits resolution.


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  • Baldev K. Nottay
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  • Rebeca Rico-Hesse
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  • Mark A. Pallansch
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