New Vaccine and Vaccination
  • T. Vesikari
  • E. Isolauri
  • T. Ruuska
  • A. Delem
  • F. E. André
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Rotavirus gastroenteritis is one of the major infectious diseases in the world today, as judged by mortality. Precise figures are not available, but it has been estimated that rotavirus diarrhea may take the lives of 500,000 or more children annually (Butler, 1984). Rotavirus diarrhea frequently results in dehydration and therefore runs a more severe course than do most other forms of infectious diarrhea in young children. While the share of rotavirus in all episodes of diarrhea in the developing countries is small, rotaviruses are much more frequently found among severe cases. A 2-year survey in Bangladesh showed that rotavirus to be responsible for 46% of the diarrheal episodes leading to dehydration (Black et al, 1981). In other etiologic studies of childhood diarrhea requiring hospital admission, rotavirus was found in 45% of cases in Costa Rica (Mata et al., 1983) and 49% in Ethiopia (Thorén et al., 1982).


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  • E. Isolauri
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  • T. Ruuska
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  • A. Delem
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  • F. E. André
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  1. 1.Department of Clinical SciencesUniversity of TampereTampereFinland
  2. 2.Biological DivisionSmith Kline RITRixensartBelgium

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