Unequally Spaced Channels For Upgrading WDM System From 3-Channel to 22-Channel Preserving no Fwm Crosstalk

  • Xin Miao


Crosstalk due to four-wave mixing (FWM) is increasing sharply when lightwave channel is upgrading in wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) fiber-optical communication systems. A technique, designed the channel wavelength allocation to reduce the crosstalks due to FWM, is submitted, when multi-channel is extended easily from 3-channel to 22-channel in WDM system. The result of simulation is presented. It is shown that suitable unequally channel separations can be found for which no FWM product term is superimposed on any of the transmitted channels, and the bandwidth expansion factor is not always increasing, and the span between the FWM crosstalks and channel wavelengths are not always decreasing, when increasing WDM system channels.


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  • Xin Miao
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  1. 1.Center for Engineering Design and ResearchCommission of Science Technology and Industry for National DefenseBeijingP. R. of China

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