A High Speed Self-Routing WDM-ATM Network for Wireless Personal Communication Services

  • Shyh-Lin Tsao


Recently, wireless personal communication systems has been investigated for various mobile and cordless systems1. The capacity demand on such sustems is increasing, leading wireless network design to smaller cell size. Moreover, for the coming global communication, vast wireless personal communication local area networks require integration. Therefore, fast switching and routing network is necessary for the next generation personal communication services (PCS) which may include multimedia. For the develping broadband-integrated services digital network(B-ISDN) scheme, asynchronous transfer mode(ATM) has been adopted by CCITT to realize the future fast switching networks2. On the other way, many wavelength division multiplexing(WDM) methods for ATM network have been proposed to interconnect a large number of nodes3,4.


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  1. 1.Department of Electronic EngineeringST. John’s and ST. Mary’s Institute of TechnologyTamsui, TaipeiTaiwan, China

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