Implementation of Integrated Optic Systems with Active Waveguides, Passive Waveguides, and Optical Fibers

  • C. L. Balestra


We currently stand at the threshold of a world society served and linked together by light. Fiber optic telecommunications is already a reality in most of the industrialized sector. Due to the high volume telephone communications market, optical fiber and associated optical sources and detectors are now off-the-shelf commodities. But telephone communications, now largely made up of voice and data transfer, is merely the embiyo. There is a myriad of other practical, commercial applications for optical devices and systems. The scope of these applications will be determined by the economics, as well as ergonomics, of their implementation.

This report provides an overview of the implementation of guided-wave integrated optics systems in terms of constituent components. The emphasis is on semiconductor waveguide devices, which endow these systems with reconiigurability and thus make them active. We present our view of the performance limits and current technology challenges confronting the practical implementation of active waveguide devices and subsystems. We discuss applications of the active waveguide device concept to higher levels of network integration for space, avionics, and sensor applications. The roles of passive waveguides cast on a single substrate and optical fibers—the ultimate link for practically all guided wave optical systems—are also discussed.


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