Design, Implementation, and System Integration for a Multi-Gigabit WDM Network

  • Hossein Izadpanah
  • Chinlon Lin


A three-node, multi-wavelength, multi-Gb/s exploratory optical network is implemented over the interoffice fiber plant of New Jersey Bell. The network, known as Bellcore Research Network (BRN) interconnects the three Bellcore Research Laboratories at Red Bank (Navesink, NVC), Raritan River Center (RRC) and Morristown (MRE) in New Jersey. The network provides a realistic testbed for research in advanced optical network technologies, architectures, and network management such as ATM transport over switched SONET networks, and a distributed operations and management architecture. The network lends itself well to the testing of new services such as remote access from NVC to a MASPAR super computer and HIPPI-LAN located at MRE. SMDS experiments and shared database research can also be conducted between the three locations. Other ongoing research projects include video-based services such as Video Window, Cruiser, video-on-demand, and remote access to the Aurora Gigabit testbed.


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  • Chinlon Lin
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