Saturated Table-Top Soft X-Ray Lasers by Discharge Excitation

  • J. J. Rocca
  • F. G. Tomasel
  • J. L. A. Chilla
  • M. C. Marconi
  • V. N. Shlyaptsev
  • C. H. Moreno
  • B. R. Benware
  • J. J. Gonzalez


We review the rapid progress in the development and study of compact and practical ultra-short wavelength lasers based on discharge excitation. The field has advanced from the first observation of large soft x-ray amplification in a capillary discharge created plasma1, to the demonstration of an extremely compact saturated laser at 46.9 nm 2. Other papers in these Proceedings and references therein address the recent progress in the development and application of laser pumped soft x-ray lasers3–5.


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  • F. G. Tomasel
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  • J. L. A. Chilla
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  • M. C. Marconi
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  • V. N. Shlyaptsev
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  • C. H. Moreno
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  • B. R. Benware
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  • J. J. Gonzalez
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  1. 1.Department of Electrical EngineeringColorado State UniversityFort CollinsUSA

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