Perfusion Chromatography: Recent Developments and Applications

  • Noubar B. Afeyan
  • Scott P. Fulton
  • Fred E. Regnier
Part of the Industry-University Cooperative Chemistry Program Symposia book series (IUCC)


Liquid chromatography (LC) is, without question, the most important and widely used technique for the recovery and isolation of proteins and peptides. LC has proven to be not only highly selective, but also extremely flexible and very gentle. This unique combination allows good yield of both mass and biological activity together with extremely high purity.


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  • Noubar B. Afeyan
    • 1
  • Scott P. Fulton
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  • Fred E. Regnier
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  2. 2.Chemistry Dept.Purdue UniversityWest LafayetteUSA

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