Cooling of GeZn Detectors by Commercially Available Closed-Cycle Cryogenic Refrigerators

  • Robert G. Hansen
Part of the Applications of Cryogenic Technology book series (APCT, volume 10)


In the late 1960’s, zinc doped germanium (GeZn) detectors were developed for broad range detection in the near infrared spectrum spanning a spectral range of 2 to 40 micron wavelength units with high detectivity.

For optimum use of this detector material, performance data indicated operation at 4.2 Kelvin; i.e., at liquid helium temperature. This being the case, the use of this detector was solely dependent upon the availability of liquid helium, thus limiting or restricting its use both nationally and internationally. It could only be used for applications where factors other than economics warranted its use.

This paper presents a unique and innovative technique for using this broad range, high performance detector by integrating it with a commercially-available, closed-cycle refrigeration system, thus broadening both its application and utility.


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