Expression of the M-Subunit of Laminin Correlates with Increased Cell Adhesion and Metastatic Propensity

  • Wheamei Jenq
  • Shi-Jun Wu
  • Nicholas A. Kefalides
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The presence of several isoforms of laminin in a variety of tissues and species has been reported. S-laminin, a B1 chain homologue of 190 kDa, has been identified in association with the synaptic cleft of the neuromuscular junction (Hunter, et al., 1989), while O’Rear (1992) has reported a novel laminin B1 chain variant (B1-2) in the avian eye, and Marinkovich et al. (1992) reported another variant, K-laminin in human amniotic fluid.


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  • Shi-Jun Wu
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  • Nicholas A. Kefalides
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