Broadband ISDN and Asynchronous Transfer Mode

  • Anthony S. Acampora
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Much of the material we have covered thus far is related to the notion of Broadband Integrated Services Data Network (B-ISDN), a vision for the evolution of local and wide-area telecommunication networks based on the concepts of universal interfaces, bandwidth-on-demand, hardware-based packet interconnects, and multimedia traffic integration. In the B-ISDN vision, all types of traffic presented by end-users of the telecommunication network would be formatted (either by the user or at the user interface to the network) into short, fixed-length packets containing an information field and a routing field (header). This would necessitate segmentation and reassembly of larger blocks of data and continuous bit rate traffic. The network interfaces would operate at access speeds of 155 and 622 Mbit/sec, and information would be carried in the Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM).


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