The Transport of Dust and SOX in East Asia during the PEM-B Experiment

  • Hui Xiao
  • Gregory R. Carmichael
  • James Durchenwald
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The subject of long range transport (LRT) of pollutants is in the early stages of study in Asia (Merrill et al., 1985; Kotamarthi and Carmichael, 1990; Arndt et al., 1996). The results from the PEM West A & B experiments have shown the widespread impact that long range transport of materials from the continental regions of east Asia has on the chemical composition of the troposphere over the western Pacific (Hoell et al., 1996). The projected growth in emissions for the region suggests that the long range transport of pollutants in east Asia will grow in importance over the next several decades.


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  • Gregory R. Carmichael
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  • James Durchenwald
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