South Central Coast Cooperative Aerometric Monitoring Program — An Integrated Atmospheric Pollutant Monitoring Program for the California Outer Continental Shelf (OCS)

  • Stephen D. Ziman
  • Philip M. Roth
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In January 1984, the California Air Resources Board (CARB); EPA Region IX; the Minerals Management Services, Pacific Outer Continental Shelf Group; the counties of Ventura. Santa Barbara, and San Luis Obispo; and the Western Oil and Gas Association, a trade association composed of petroleum companies with operations in California, agreed to carry out the South Central Coast Cooperative Aerometric Monitoring Program (SCCCAMP). These groups joined together to develop a plan to collect a meteorological and air quality data base suitable for evaluating the predictive performance of a regional photochemical grid model in estimating the onshore ozone impacts of air emissions from offshore development and production operations in the Santa Barbara Channel and the southern Santa Maria Basin. The region is shown in Figure 1. SCCCAMP presently comprises a data collection program; no modeling activities are included in the Memorandum of Understanding governing the program.


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