Modeling Sulfur Air Quality and Deposition in Pristine Areas

  • Douglas A. Stewart
  • Donald Henderson
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Evidence of air quality degradation at considerable distances from industrial pollutant sources has been accumulating in recent years. Perhaps the most dramatic example of long-range pollutant transport is the arctic haze phenomenon (Atmospheric Environment, Volume 15, No. 8, 1981). Whereas the climatic consequences of this phenomenon are as yet unknown, the ecological effects of man-made pollutants in remote but accessible regions are becoming alarmingly more evident. The adverse effects of acid deposition on aquatic ecosystems, the damage to forests, and reductions in crop yield are just a few examples receiving widespread attention (Treshow, 1984; Lefohn and Ormrod, 1984, Guderian et al., 1984). Visibility impairment is another problem that may be attributable to long-distance transport (Latimer et al., 1984).


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