Approaches to Grassroots AIDS Education in Africa

Culture as Ally
  • Siri Karlin Wood


When 70-year-old Soxhna stood up at the public gathering, mocking laughter rippled across the crowd. Several boys called out that she should sit down—she’s too old to know anything about AIDS. But for once, soft-spoke Soxhna was sure of herself. As the microphone was passed to her, she eagerly answered the question about HIV transmission with technical precision, and was suddenly cheered and jostled up to the front of the group to collect her prize. The event was a community radio contest focusing on AIDS, and Soxhna had just won three packages of perfumed soap. When the elderly Senegalese woman returned to her house that evening, she gave the soap to her children, proudly reminding them that her women’s group lessons and new-found knowledge about HIV were serving her well.


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