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Teaching HIV-AIDS Law and Policy in Law Schools in the United States

  • Michael Closen
  • Charles Chejfec


Although we are nearly fifteen years into the recognition of the most significant epidemic to confront the United States and the world, full-scale university courses about HIV-AIDS at any level of the curricula in the United States have remained few in number. Law schools in the United States also reflect this dearth of formal classroom instruction. For example, of the more than 175 American Bar Association accredited law schools, only about 30 have offered a law course or legal clinical experience dealing specifically and exclusively with HIV-AIDS related subjects. And the reality is that AIDS law courses are ordinarily offered only once each academic year in a seminar format available to perhaps 15 to 25 students. With less than 20% of all accredited law schools offering training in the multitude of HIV-AIDS topics to so few of their students, the likelihood of future lawyers, legislators, business people, and government agents dealing fairly, compassionately, and legally with HIV-AIDS issues is significantly diminished.


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  • Michael Closen
    • 1
  • Charles Chejfec
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  1. 1.John Marshall Law SchoolChicagoUSA
  2. 2.Judicial ClerkSupreme Court of NevadaUSA

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