Alzheimer’s Disease

  • Asenath La Rue
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Alzheimer’s disease (AD) first attracted attention as a rare debilitating illness affecting individuals in middle life. Early case summaries provide a poignant record of the onset of symptoms and of the devastating loss of functional ability that can result as the illness progresses. Alzheimer (1907/1987) described his initial case as follows:

The first noticeable symptom of illness shown by this 51-year-old woman was suspiciousness of her husband. Soon, a rapidly increasing memory impairment became evident; she could no longer orient herself in her own dwelling, dragged objects here and there and hid them, and at times, believing that people were out to murder her, started to scream loudly. On observation at the institution, her entire demeanor bears the stamp of utter bewilderment. She is completely disoriented to time and place, (p. 7)


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