Lysinoalanine Formation in Protein Food Ingredients

  • M. Sternberg
  • C. Y. Kim
Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (AEMB, volume 86)


Home cooking or industrial processing of foods causes a multitude of changes of appearance, taste and texture, related to chemical modification and interaction of food components. In the days before the emergence of food science there was little concern about delayed consequences of food processing on human health as long as the immediate effect was improved palatability or digestibility. The advent of industrial processing and mass distribution as well as the emergence of engineered foods imposed on manufacturers the responsibility of maintaining wholesomeness and safety of foods. Peculiar food practices from the past such as lye treatment of fish or corn, cannot be confined anymore to small populations but may spread to larger groups. For these reasons, the discovery of lysinoalanine in proteins of foods and food ingredients was received with mixed feelings.


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  • C. Y. Kim
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