The Use of Cine-Computed Tomography to Investigate Carpal Kinematics

  • Scott W. Wolfe
  • Joseph J. CriscoIII
  • Lee D. Katz
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Hyperextension wrist injuries have been associated with a high degree of wrist morbidity.10,21,23 The inexorable progression of scaphoid rotary subluxation or nonunion to carpal collapse and subsequent degenerative arthritis has been well documented in the literature.15,23 Examination of the acutely injured wrist is limited by pain and swelling, and initial radiographs are frequently normal. Subtle instabilities of the wrist are notoriously difficult to study with plain films alone. Carpal overlap, normal variations, and inconsistencies in wrist positioning make interpretation and comparison of plain films inaccurate.6,14 Cineradiography is useful, but is still limited by osseous overlap and can not be quantitated. More exacting measurements used in the laboratory are not applicable to use in the clinical situation, as these often require dissection of the wrist and placement of radiographic markers or light-emitting diodes.114,27 In fact, few kinematic studies of the normal wrist have been performed in vivo, due to these limitations.


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