New Catalysis for Polypropylene Polymerization

  • Steven P. Sawin
  • Gene W. Powers


A gas-phase, fluidized-bed process was developed initially for high density polyethylene, HDPE, in the 1960’s and was commercialized first in 1968 at Union Carbide’s Seadrift, Texas plant. The simplicity, operational stability, cost effectiveness, and versatility of the process led to the extension of the process to linear low density polyethylene, LLDPE, which was produced initially on a commercial reactor in 1975. The technology has been licensed with more than 25 licensees operating over 40 reactors in fifteen countries. By 1986 the combined capacity of these reactors will be sufficient to supply 25% of the world’s total demand for low density polyethylene.


Random Copolymer Union Carbide Propylene Ethylene Comonomer Content Polypropylene Polymerization 
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  • Steven P. Sawin
    • 1
  • Gene W. Powers
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  1. 1.Union Carbide Corp.Bound BrookUSA
  2. 2.Shell Development Co.HoustonUSA

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